Links round-up: 09/09/2016

We now have a new logo! In the spirit of openness, Nick Golding has shared the code he used to create these logos: network image and triangulation image

Methods in Ecology and Evolution brought out a Statistical Ecology Virtual Issue to go along with this summer’s International Statistical Ecology Conference.

There is now a package to interface with the > 1000 geoalgorithms from QGIS within R: RQGIS. Jamie Afflerbach has written a more general spatial analysis in R tutorial.

QAEco have written about their favourite R packages to use for ecological data analysis – let them know your favourite packages in the comments.


Last day to register for the BES Macroecology SIG’s Early Career Event (NB, will be very general and not just for macroecologists, or even ecologists), 16th September 2016, London.

Challenges and Opportunities of analysing ecological citizen science data, 10th October 2016, Cambridge.


Applied Bayesian modelling for ecologists and epidemiologists. 24-29 October 2016. PR Statistics, Loch Lomond, Scotland.

Geometric morphometrics in R. 23-27 January 2017. Transmitting Science, Barcelona, Spain.

Data analysis in ecology. Online 5 week course provided by University of Oxford from 2nd November 2016.


Postdoc at Ghent University, Belgium: Scaling up functional biodiversity research.

Postdoc and PhD positions available in the Pinsky Lab at Rutgers University, New Jersey: Metapopulation dynamics and population genomics.

Several Assistant Professor positions at University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Two PhD positions in the Pearse Lab, Utah State University: (1) ecological and/or evolutionary modelling, (2) plant ecology and fieldwork.

Call for Catalyst Postdocs at sDiv, Leipzig, Germany is now open.

Spatial Scientist and GIS analyst positions available in the Land Use and Ecosystem Services Science Group at Forest Research, Roslin, Scotland.


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