Links round-up: 18/03/2016

NEON have put up a wide range of tutorials for working with data in R. They include general data manipulation, spatial data analysis and working with time series data.

Viviana Ruiz-Gutierrez writes about the calibration model for reducing uncertainty in citizen science data. The model reduces uncertainty by accounting for both false positives and negatives, and is detailed here.

Want to give back to the ecological community while gaining experience of grant reviewing which looks great on your CV? The BES Review College is open for applications for the next round of grant reviews. Deadline 21st March.


The Quantitative Ecology SIG have organised two upcoming courses:

  1. Spatial data analysis in R. 20th April 2016 at the University of York
  2. Data management in R. 23rd May 2016 at Charles Darwin House, London

More information to follow on these.

Taming the BEAST: Bayesian evolutionary analysis by sampling trees. 26 June – 1 July 2016, Engelberg, Switzerland.

Advances in Spatial Analysis of Multivariate Ecological Data: Theory and Practice. 11 July 2016 – 15 July 2016, Loch Lomond.


Research Associate in Epidemiology at University of Glasgow. Project: From observation to intervention: overcoming weak data with new approaches to complex biological problems.

Research Fellow in Spatial Modelling and Research Fellow in Applied Biogeography at University of Southampton. Project: Scaling Rules for Ecosystem Service Mapping.

Lecturer in Evolutionary Biology/Ecology/Conservation (4 positions) at University of East Anglia.

Postdoctoral Researcher in Statistical Ecology at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Working with the Swedish Breeding Bird Survey data.

BES POST Fellowships for a three month funded placement in the Parliamentary Office and Science and Technology.



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