Links round-up: 22/01/2016

There is a huge diversity of phylogenetic metrics in use in ecology; the sPhy working group have reviewed and classified these metrics. The output is a guide to choosing the correct phylogenetic metric based on the research question. Tucker et al. 2016: A guide to phylogenetic metrics for conservation, community ecology and macroecology.

There have been some useful posts about performing Bayesian statistical analyses in R on the R-bloggers network recently: Bayesian regression with STAN: normal regressionKéry and Schaub’s Bayesian population analysis translated to STAN; and R users will now inevitably become Bayesians (a guide to the brms and rstanarm packages).


Applications for the BES Summer School are now open – more info here. They are also looking for PhD students to be mentors – application here.


Introduction to R (5th-9th September 2016) and Model-based statistical inference in ecological and evolutionary biogeography (28th November – 2nd December 2016) at Transmitting Science, Barcelona, Spain.

Spatial analysis of ecological data using R, 11th-17th April 2016, Isle of Cumbrae, Scotland.

Advancing in statistical modelling using R, 2nd-6th May 2016, Malham Tarn Field Centre, North Yorkshire.


Postdoc research associate at the University of Hull: Phylogenetic comparative analyses of vertebrate invasion success

Postdoc research associate at the University of Bristol: development and evaluation of representations of marine ecological diversity in an Earth system model

Associate Professor in Bioinformatics at University of Auckland, New Zealand

Associate Professor in Environmental Management at University of Nottingham


One thought on “Links round-up: 22/01/2016

  1. Thanks for posting our up-coming courses – we have two more in May as well for your next round up, Time Series models for Ecologists and Climatologists and Introduction to Python for Biologists. – would be good if you could stick PR statistics at the end of the course posts if it’s not to much trouble (like you did with transmitting science). Thanks again this blog is great!

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