Links round-up: 28/11/2015

The geoknife R package allows for reproducible processing and subsetting of gridded spatial data. Some example use cases can be found in the accompanying paper.

ggtree is an R package that extends the ggplot2 package to allow for visualisation of phylogenetic trees.

Emilio M. Bruna has argued that tropical biology (and ecology more broadly) could learn from psychology and aim to reproduce the results of classic studies. He has made suggestions of classic papers he thinks should be reproduced. The aim seems to be to bring together a working group; those interested should contact him.


Joint BES and CCI Annual Symposium
Making a Difference in Conservation: Improving the Links Between Ecological Research, Policy and Practice. April 11 – 13 2016, Cambridge


NIMBioS Tutorial: Game theoretic modelling of evolution in structured populations. April 25-27, 2016, Tennessee


PhD at University of Reading: Modelling functional connectivity of butterflies across landscapes using population and genetic data

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer at Imperial College, London: quantitative ecology or evolution

Postdoc at University of Edinburgh: Development and analysis of agent-based simulation models and Bayesian hierarchical statistical models of poacher and patrol behaviour. Search for vacancy ref 034750.




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