Weekly links round-up: 16/10/2015

At this year’s BES annual meeting, there is going to be a Science Slam fringe event on 14th December. This will involve ecologists (particularly PhD/ECR) presenting their research in a fun and informative way to the public. If you are interested in taking part, fill out the application by 30th October.

Moulds et al. present a new R package for reproducible spatially explicit land-use change modelling.

For those interested in evaluating the impact of environmental change on species’ traits, Boersma et al. have developed a framework for linking hypotheses to quantitative measures of trait space.


Ecosystems and Climate Change Mitigation joint conference of Plants-Soils-Ecosystems and Climate Change SIGs. 2nd-3rd November, Charles Darwin House, London.


Introduction to statistics and R for biologists, run by PR Statistics, 7th – 11th December 2015


Research Associate: Ecological Remote Sensing Scientist at Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, Lancaster.

PhD at University of Liverpool: Evolutionary history, species interactions, and environmental change in the intertidal zone

PhD at University of Oxford: Modelling the effects of demographic, dispersal and environmental variability on species spread

PhD at University of Exeter: Climate opportunists: a threat to UK biodiversity and ecosystems?

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