Weekly links round-up: 09/10/2015

Why do we make statistics so hard for our students? Stephen Heard discusses this issue, suggesting that we should focus on the underlying similarity between all (frequentist, null hypothesis testing) tests rather than highlighting the differences, which can quickly make statistics complicated and offputting.

The ZevRoss blog has a post detailing the dplyr-magrittr-tidyr-ggplot workflow that is incredibly useful for data processing and visualisation. There is also a new package to add to this workflow: purrr. This is similar to dplyr, but instead focuses on vectors.

SESYNC have put out a call for proposals for multidisciplinary socio-ecological workshops


Chair and Lecturer at Sheffield University Department of Plant and Animal Sciences (4 positions)

There are lots of interesting PhD studentships being advertised for the University of East Anglia; for example ‘linking landscape structure and population change in migratory birds‘ (search findaphd or jobs.ac.uk for full list)

Research Associate in conservation science at Cambridge University


One thought on “Weekly links round-up: 09/10/2015

  1. Hi Laura,
    With reference to the post ‘why do we make statistics so hard for students’ – PR statistics has just launched a new course relevant to this – ‘Introduction to statistics and R for biologists’ – this is aimed at Masters and PhD students but open to anyone with little or no statistical experience and will be taught in R providing an intro to this software at the same time – it would be great if you could put a post in the next round up – it will run from the 7th – 10th December – details at the following link http://prstatistics.co.uk/courses/introduction%20to%20statiatics%20and%20r/index.html
    Thanks, Oliver Hooker, PR~statistics

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