Weekly links round-up: 11/09/2015

It’s often quite difficult to work out how much methods detail to put into a conference talk – not enough and the results are fairly meaningless, too much and you run out of time and lose your audience. Tim Poisot has written a post for the methods blog on this subject; his recommendation? Accompany a conference talk with a preprint.

Measures of phylogenetic diversity can often be time consuming to run. Tsirogiannis and Sandel have written a package called PhyloMeasures which efficiently calculates measures such as Faith’s PD, mean pairwise distance, common branch length and net relatedness index. The latter is calculated analytically rather than estimated through resampling, meaning a huge reduction in running time. The package is available for R and C++.


If (like me) you were unable to attend our reproducible SDM workshop today, you can view the materials online.

PR Statistics have some interesting courses coming up including Bioinformatics for geneticists and biologists (October); Applied Bayesian modelling for ecologists
and epidemiologists using R (October); and Spatial analysis of ecological data using R (November).


Community Ecologist and Bioinformatician jobs at CEH in Wallingford.

There are currently opportunities within the BES including Associate Editor for the Bulletin and Senior Editor at the Journal of Applied Ecology.

Data analysis intern opportunity at the University of Exeter.

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