Weekly links round-up: 04/09/2015

Is Methods in Ecology and Evolution the right place for your manuscript? The methods blog post helpfully provides advice on this matter.

Ladle et al. use a ‘big data’ approach along with network analysis to extract the trends of biogeography research. They show increasing collaboration across geographical and sub-discipline boundaries; and a keyword analysis shows some shift in research agendas due to increasing molecular data (toward study of phylogeny) and the threat of climate change.

This week I’ve been looking into the use of hypervolume to investigate patterns of functional diversity. It looks like a useful approach to quantifying and characterising trait space and there is an R package available to calculate n-dimensional hypervolumes. Lamanna et al. used the hypervolume approach to create a conceptual framework for testing hypotheses of the processes driving the latitudinal diversity gradient.

A couple of interesting conference hashtags to look back on from this week #gfoe2015 (the GfÖ annual meeting) and #ento15 (Royal Entomology Society annual meeting).


Registration is still open for the Conservation SIG’s workshop Spatial Conservation Planning for the UK; 23rd September; Heslington.


Postdoc at the University of Copenhagen in plant ecology.

Postdoc at the University of Münster on the analysis of trade-offs between agriculture and conservation in Kazakhstan and Russia.

Chair in Statistics at the University of St Andrews (incl. Statistical Ecology)


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