Weekly links round-up: 28/08/2015

How can modelling unicorns help model the distributions of real species? Apparently quite a lot. This post on the Ecography blog explains the history of modelling unicorns (realistic virtual species) and a new paper in Ecography introduces the virtualspecies R package which will allow users to simulate distributions of adequate virtual species.

Brian McGill’s slides from his ESA 2015 talk Ecoinformatics: the next 100 years provide a nice explanation of the rise of ecoinformatics and the why and what of multidimensional and spatial databases.

There’s a nice distribution-centric explanation of GLMs in R on Mages’ blog. It goes through some worked examples explaining the intuition behind GLMs and why certain links/distributions would be used.


The BES Quantitative SIG have a couple of events coming up soon:

Jointly with the Macroecology SIG and the 2020 Science Programme: Reproducible species distribution modelling training workshop, 11 September 2015, London.

Jointly with the Climate Change SIG: Using Climate Data in Ecological Research, 14 – 15 September 2015, Exeter.


Spatial ecologist role in the population ecology and modelling team at BTO, Norfolk.

Community ecologist role at CEH, Wallingford.

Bioinformatics operations manager at University of Edinburgh

PhD in Metapopulation dynamics at Rutgers University, NJ, USA.

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