Weekly links round-up: 17/07/2015

An in-depth introduction to machine learning online course taught by Trevor Hastie and Rob Tibshirani is available with videos, slides and a free PDF download of the textbook. As well these there is a github repository with solutions provided by students to browse. All together, looks like an excellent resource for machine learning.

Rosemary Hartman provides a really useful guide to model selection and multi-model inference.


There are still a few spaces on the BES Aquatic Ecology Group’s 2015 Meeting: Advances in Aquatic Ecology next week (24th July) in London.

Eco-Stats ’15: Technological advances between Ecology and Statistics, 8-10 December, UNSW Sydney, Australia.


As part of the BES Aquatic Ecology Group’s annual meeting there is a workshop on conservation planning with Marxan by Bob Smith on the 23rd July.

Along with the BES Climate Ecology SIG, we are running a workshop on Using Climate Data in Ecological Research. 14-15 September, Exeter.


Aarhus University have two postdoc positions available on Remote sensing and biodiversity change in plants or birds


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