Weekly links round-up: 03/07/2015

Greg McInerney and Martin Krzywinski present a discussion of the issues around presenting complex data with many factors, and provide some potential solutions.

If you haven’t already seen them, take a look at the results of our training survey, and the follow up post on training for quantitative methods. Both provide some useful links to courses and resources. We shall be posting another follow up soon with some resources for computational methods.


The registration for the BES Symposium 2015 – The Ecology and Evolution of Emerging Plant Pests and Pathogens: Challenges to Global Food Security and Ecosystem Resilience – has been extended until Monday 6th July. The event takes place 13th – 14th July at the Penryn campus of the University of Exeter.

The BES Conservation SIG are hosting Spatial Conservation for the UK at the University of York on 23rd September.


Reproducible Species Distribution Modelling training workshop, run by the Quantitative Ecology and Macroecology SIGs of the BES. 11th September in London.

Text and Data Mining for Biologists at the University of Bath – 28th July.


Postdoc at University of Gothenburg: macroevolution.

Postdoc at the University of Sheffield: Bayesian methods for population ecology.


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