Training survey follow up 1: quantitative courses and resources

Guest post from the SIG training reps: Susan Jarvis and Duncan Proctor.

In the first of our follow-up posts from our recent training survey we have collated some links to courses and other online resources on additional topics suggested in the survey. This post will cover a few areas of statistics that were commonly mentioned (multivariate statistics, spatial analysis, species distribution models, structural equation modelling and individual based models) and we’ll be covering computational topics next week. We’ve tried to cover most available courses and resources in the UK but if you know of any more please share them in the comments section.

Multivariate statistics

Highland statistics run a course but with no current dates, if people have sufficient interest they could book it. run an online course.

There is also an online course here for multivariate statistics in R.

This website has a basic intro to a lot of ordination methods, not sure if it is kept up to date.

The vegan course manual and vignettes are very good.

Spatial analysis

PR statistics are running a spatial analysis in R course between 16th and 20th November in Glasgow

Geostat runs a summer school that is very relevant. Registration is closed for this year but worth keeping an eye on if interested.

Other resources include the R-sig-geo mailing list, which is a potentially very useful resource if anyone is in need of some advice from people who know their stuff.

Species distribution models

Along with the Macroecology SIG, we will be running a reproducible SDM workshop at Charles Darwin House (London) on 11th September. See the flyer for further information.

CIBIO are running an SDM course in Portugal this September (14th-21st). Registration has just closed but you might be lucky if you get in contact now.

There is also a marine biology focused SDM course in August (20-21st – although see also spatial analysis course 17-19th) in Glasgow

Structural equation modelling

Cathie Marsh Institute for Social Sciences, University of Manchester runs an SEM course.

University of Westminster also runs and SEM course in mid July.

The Psychometrics centre at Cambridge is running an SEM course 8th-11th September using R.

Online resources include Jarrett Byrnes course notes and Jim Grace’s SEM training site.

Individual based models

There is a summer school running in Coimbra, Portugal between 28th September and 9th October on agent based modelling in ecology with C++.

Rick Stafford is running a course on ‘Predictive models and programming skills using agent-based models‘ in January next year through NERC.

If you can wait til next year there is going to be a pre-conference course on individual based models in Netlogo before the Ecological Modelling Global Conference in Baltimore in May.


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