Weekly links round-up: 26/06/2015

Last week was the EU Macroecology conference at CMEC in Copenhagen. For those who couldn’t be there, catch up on all of the action on the #EUMacro twitter hashtag. There are also a couple of reflective blogs from Brian McGill and Matt Hill.

We presented the results from our training needs analysis earlier this week. One of the key findings was that many of us want training in Bayesian analysis, but a lot of the courses available are not ecology specific. Bob O’Hara has kindly shared the materials for his course on Bayesian Analysis for the Life Sciences.


PhD at University of Exeter: Integrated statistical modelling of demography, transmission and epidemiology of bovine tuberculosis in badgers.

PhD at Cardiff University: analysis of social media for biological recording.

PhD at Queens University Belfast: resilience in marine ecosystems.

Several PhD positions and a postdoc at the University of Potsdam in the BioMove research group.

Postdoc at UNEP-WCMC (Cambridge): Poverty and Ecosystem Services (note deadline is 30th June).

Lecturer at Durham University: Quantitative Ecology.


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