Weekly links round-up: 22/05/2015

Structural equation modelling seems to have been getting a fair bit of attention within ecology lately. For an introduction to SEMs in R using the lavaan package, see Grace Charles’ video and slides. There are also some links to other helpful resources on this page.

I always find Brian McGill’s posts about statistics on Dynamic Ecology really well explained and thought out, and they help me to understand certain concepts better. This week’s post on AIC (how it is used by ecologists, why they use it in that way, and what the problems are) is no exception.

Ever struggled to understand someone else’s code? Bill Mills has written a post on effective ways to avoid others struggling with your code by writing ten minute plans which give a high level explanation of the logic of the project workflow.


Conservation Hackathon at the Natural History Museum, London on the 20th June.


Associate research fellow at University of Exeter: analysing impacts of wind turbines on bats.

Research associate at Newcastle University: mathematical modelling of livestock processes.

Postdoctoral position at Oregon State University: Flow regimes and aquatic population modelling


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