Training for Quantitative Ecologists: a call for ideas

Post by the Training and Education Reps: Duncan Procter and Susan Jarvis

Hello Quantitative Ecologists,

As new Training and Education Reps for the Quantitative Ecology SIG we thought it would be a good idea to let people know what our plans are for the next few months. As everyone who has beaten their head against a wall trying to figure out some complicated analysis method using only hyper-technical papers and the often not so useful R help files will know, training at the right time can save you a whole lot of hassle. As a result we want to do our best to help you find the training you need.

One problem is that quite a lot of training already takes place at various institutions that people may not be aware of. We are collating a list of training opportunities, which will be available online at some point. There will also be links to recently announced and upcoming training events in the weekly roundup so keep an eye on that if you are interested.

A major problem of trying to fill holes in training is not quite being sure where people need the help. We are both ecologists, but awareness of your own area doesn’t really allow you to know trends across the field as a whole. So we are planning on getting people’s ideas for training they would like through a quick online form. Once we know where the knowledge gaps lie we will do our best to fill the biggest ones. We will be sending out the call for ideas mid-April, so expect to be harassed.

Finally, if anyone has a new analysis method/ piece of software/ R package that they would like to run a workshop on or just have the word spread about feel free to get in touch (reply below or @DuncanProcter on twitter), we will see what we can do.


4 thoughts on “Training for Quantitative Ecologists: a call for ideas

  1. Hi Duncan and Susan,
    My name is Oliver Hooker, I am a PhD student at the University of Glasgow. I set my business up, PR statistics, last year after noticing there was a gap in education and statistical training. PR statistics provides training courses and workshops focused on how to analyse and work with ecological data. They are delivered by experts in their field (from academia) and I am sure the courses that are being offered would be of interest many ecologists in education and industry.

    To give some background, past and upcoming courses (and the instructors) that I have organised are as follows;

    Advancing in R (delivered by Dr. Luc Busierre, Stirling),
    Spatial analysis of ecological data using R (Prof. Jason Matthiopoulos, Glasgow),
    An introduction to using GIS in ecological field studies (Dr. Colin McLeod, Aberdeen),
    An introduction to Stable Isotope Analysis using SIA-R (Dr. Andrew Jackson, and Dr Andrew Parnell, Dublin),
    Genetic data analysis using R (delivered by Dr. Thibaut Jombart, London),
    Applied Bayesian methods for ecologists and epidemiologists (Prof. Jason Matthiopoulos, Glasgow, Dr. Matt Denwood, Copenhagen)
    R for biologists (delivered by Dr. Luc Bussierre, Stirling)
    Bioinformatics (an introduction to handling next-generation data (Dr. Nic Boulin and Dr Ian Misner, Rhode Island)

    And the following are currently in planning; Analysing population genetic data using R; DNA taxonomy in R; Nonlinear models, Mixed Effect models for biologists; Geometric Morphometrics using R

    Details of courses can be found at

    These courses are all core and are/will be repeated.

    I am always looking for information from people with different research backgrounds as to where they feel gaps or training missing as the first maiden courses that I organised were in areas I was familiar with so as you get suggestions please feel free to email them to me, I would be happy to try and organise courses in areas if the demand is high enough.
    I am also open to suggestions for courses from anybody would like to collaborate, maybe people have the material or a course idea and need a platform to launch it from?
    And finally I also provide ‘in-house’ training on the above for larger private groups.

    I think this is a great idea and if you need any more information or want to discuss anything please feel free to get in contact I would be happy to help in any way.

    Best wishes,

    Oliver Hooker

    • Thanks Oliver,

      I had already stumbled across your website and made a note of the courses, they are on the list we are compiling, which will be made available soon. They look like they could be of great value to some people.

      Duncan Procter

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