Weekly links round-up: 21/03/2015

There is currently quite a bit of interest in developing methods to estimate joint species’ distribution models at the moment, as opposed to stacking individual species’ distribution models. Thorson et al present spatial factor analysis with between-species correlations to estimate these distributions. The models are tested using data from the Breeding Bird Survey and the Fisheries Resource and Monitoring Division of the Northwest Fisheries Science Center.

Noam Ross wrote a great post about speeding up code in R – the reasons why you would (or would not) want to do so were discussed, and some helpful code optimisation tips given. For those interested in using parallel processing to speed up code, I found this tutorial a helpful starting point.

The argument around P values has been rejuvenated again recently with Basic and Applied Social Psychology banning the use of P values. Caroline Brophy wrote a thoughtful response on the Journal of Ecology blog about the potential implications for ecologists.

Events The National Forum for Biodiversity Recording conference in collaboration with the BES Macroecology SIG is on 23rd – 24th April in Sheffield.

Jobs Research fellowship on the dynamics of marine and coastal ecosystems at Bangor University. Three-year fellowships at the Centre for Biodiversity and Environment Research at UCL.

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