Weekly links round-up: 27/02/2015

Mellin et al. have developed methods to extend geographically weighted regression to any regression technique. They use these methods to apply spatial weighting to GLMs and boosted regression trees and compare the results to GWR.

Ross Ahmed asked on twitter if we would be providing a tutorial for dplyr in the online resources; I’ll check this with the online resources coordinators. In the meantime, I found the getting and cleaning data tutorial in the swirl R package really useful for learning dplyr and tidyr. An alternative to the dplyr approach is the data.table package in R. There is a comparison of the two packages here where the conclusion is essentially that data.table is faster, but the dplyr syntax is nicer.

Courses Bayesian Disease Mapping at the University of Edinburgh 29th June to 3rd July.

Events Registration is now open for EU Macro 2015. The event is jointly organised by the BES Macroecology SIG, the GfO Macroecology Group, and the Centre for Macroecology, Evolution and Climate and will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark 14th to 16th June.

Jobs Postdoc with CEMFOR (based in Solsona, Spain) working with biodiversity and ecosystem services scenarios and modelling in Mediterranean forests. PhD in population ecology at University of Zurich investigating how microcosm populations respond to environmental change.


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