REBOOT Quantitative Ecology SIG

As of today, the BES Computational Ecology SIG will be known as the BES Quantitative Ecology SIG; we have changed the names of the Facebook and Twitter pages, so if you notice you are getting updates from pages you haven’t followed, this is why.

The name change is an attempt to stop driving away those ecologists who do not consider themselves computational, and also to better reflect the aims of the group, the events we put on, and the interests of our members. Fear not though: we will still be supporting computational ecology activities.

Plans for the future include extending our online resources by building upon the Field Guide to Predictive Methods in Ecology and developing a new Computational Resources Guide. We will also be extending the group activities into outreach with the appointment of a new policy rep and education/training rep.

So if you use or are interested in quantitative or computational methods, please join the group and come say “Hi” at the next conference.


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