link round up no. 1

Here’s a round up of some interesting things and job opportunities we found on the web recently:


Petr Keil wrote a great blog post showing how to fit the same ecological model using R’s glm function, numerical optimisation and MCMC

accidental aRt showcases the unexpectedly beautiful works of art that can arise when plotting in R goes awry. They’re on twitter at @accidental__aRt

There’s a huge online index of free programming books (including guides for R, Python and Matlab). The list is maintained in a github repository, so you can contribute if you know of any which aren’t on there!

This crossvalidated thread contains some great examples for understanding expectation-maximisation algorithms

Openrefine is an open-source tool for visualising, cleaning and transforming data

The Santa Fe Institute are running a Summer school and an online course on Complex Systems in 2014 


post-doc modelling sleeping sickness control at the Liverpool school of Tropical Medicine

software developer in ecological networks at the University of Liverpool

spatial ecologist at CEH Wallingford

post-doc in spatial/space-time analysis at Southampton

programmer at CBER at UCL

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